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Week 12 Reflection

This week I completed two five star assignments and one two star assignments. They were easy because I knew the topic so well, since it was based on the novels we read. I loved the book I read, and hear that it is going to get turned into a tv show! woo! I also liked having a slower week in this class this week since my other classes are absolute madness right now, with final papers, presentations, group projects, and of course final exam prepping. So this week slower pace was much appreciated.

QOW: Look to your right. The thing you see is the only weapon you’ll have during the End. How will you use it to survive?

Well, unfortunately for me I will only have a lamp. But I guess I can get pretty creative with this. I could use the cord to choke someone, I could hit someone over the head with it since it is pretty heavy, and also use the shards of broken lightbulb gas for stabbing someone! Jeez, what a violent post!

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