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Total Demolition

August 21, 2017. People all across America had been waiting for this day for weeks. Plans were being made, bags packed and gas tanks filled. It was the day of the Solar Eclipse, the first one to be visible in America since 1979. It was getting major news coverage, every store sold out of the eclipse viewing glasses, and people were traveling days to get closest to get the best view. It has been said that when a Solar Eclipse happens everyone around looks up through the atmosphere and gazes at the bright light, almost as if the world just stops even if only for a few minutes. On August 21, 2017 this statement became far to true.

As Americans of all ages and background gathered around to watch the universe put on a show, the unimaginable happened. Children and adults alike stared right at the sun through their brand new eclipse viewing glasses, and as they gazed, their amazement turned into fear. As if the universe was playing a cosmic joke on the people of earth, at the exact moment all eyes were on the sky, the world-ending comet came into view. The shadow of the comet became larger and larger, signifying that it was getting closer and closer to earth. There was complete panic in the crowds of gathered people, but there was nowhere to run. In a few short seconds there would be total demolition of all life on earth.


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  1. That video is terrifying! Nice story to go with it!

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