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Radio Project

My team and I just finished up the last pieces of our radio show project! The whole plot is really interesting, and I would have never came up with it all myself! We had one interviewer and the rest of us played people calling into tell about all the different crazy things they were seeing as the brink of the apocalypse had finally fallen onto America. I won’t give to much away just yet, I will just encourage you to listen for yourself. I thought that this would be a really hard assignment but after watching a few youtube tutorial I was creating, uploading and editing my own audio in no time! This was a super fun project!


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  1. I think initially each group had get over the first initial hump of gathering ideas and formulating them into a format that fit best for their radio show. This was the hardest part of the whole project one because you are starting a radio show from scratch, two no one in the group knows initially where the radio show will end. I watched plenty youtube videos as well to help me in the editing process. I felt the editing was the most time consuming of the whole thing but it was the most fun making a full on show with sound effects and such. I can’t wait to hear your groups finished product.

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