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Katie Levine

Archetype Character – The Observer

Smart, Quick, Knows their surroundings, has a keen eye, patient


Katie Levine – Her Past

Katie grew up with a single mother, and a brother who was two years older then her. They were from Austin, Texas. Katie’s dad left her family when she was only five years old. Outside of this, she grew up pretty normally. A strong characteristic of hers was only allowing certain people into her life, letting them past her thick walls. She was a good judge of character. She could tell in an instant if someone was fake, or if they were genuine. She knew if someone had good intentions or bad intentions. It kept her from having many friends, and the few that she did have were carefully selected. As her life went on she was bold but careful, her mom had raised her to be extremely aware of her surroundings at all time. “Your world is good, but the worlds world is not. There are very bad people in this world. You must always be aware of that.” Her mother would tell her. Katie learned from a young age that bad people were around, her mother would have loved to shield her from the evils of the world, but that wasn’t an option as a single mother, having to leave her two young children alone a lot of times while she worked. This enlisted some type of fear in Katie, a subtle one that always lingered. Being aware at a young age, being abandoned at a young age, raised Katie up strong but broken. She put walls around her soul and only those who passed her rigorous character tests were allowed to break through. Her mom worked long and hard to get her into college, and when she went, she tried not to disappoint her mother. But, she did. Katie had never been books smart, only smart in common sense and smart with people. She became distracted in school, finding out her special gift of reading peoples emotions. She wanted to watch people all the time, strangers, and see if she could, based on their emotions, predict their next moves. She watched body language, how they would say things, the looks on their faces. She was almost never wrong. She suddenly had a need to be around people all the time, because they fueled her fire. Her mind expanded in college. She became so observant of the little things happening around her at all times, she felt like she could hear three different conversations at once, while noticing that the pen was about to fall off the desk and watch the people walk by. She was totally aware. She struggled through school but graduated after five years at the age of 23. Now, she was shuffling from one dead end job to the next, trying to find her passion.


  1. Having good common sense and being able to understand people and read them are very good traits to have in the apocalypse, and I’m not just saying that since I’m also a Katie haha

  2. Taylor Taylor

    Katie sounds strong and independent! I think an observer is someone good to have in your group because they are always on the look out and would be the first to notice something bad.

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