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Final Project.

To any family or friends that remain, or anyone that finds this letter — I want someone to know what happened:

I am traveling with a group of four others, there were seven but now only four. The rest of us have seemed to of remained somewhat uninfected or untouched by whatever they are. My group and I were headed for Nashville. That is where they told us there was hope for survival, a vaccine to protect against the virus. Now we know that just is not true. I am horrified of what they are saying on the radio, that this was never a virus, but artificial intelligence taking over individuals one by one. I hope this is not true, but I fear it is. For now, we have decided going to Nashville would do us no good, so we are aimlessly roaming around the Smokey Mountains staying as far away from anyone who may be infected as possible. I guess we are waiting on something to happen to them, or something to happen to us.

I’ve included a video tape, so someone could bare-witness to what we are experiencing.



I met a girl as we wondering through Virginia, her name was Sylvia and she was living alone. She let me record a conversation with her, this is it.


I hope that through this letter, whoever may be reading it… that you are able to understand what is happening… or what has happened. If by chance this makes to to my family, I love you, and will keep fighting this for you.

Catie Levine

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