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End Day

The short film End Day, was almost fascinating with the use of different potential doomsday theories. As I watched and tried to asses which ones were the most realistic or probable, I realized that they all potentially could be. That frightened me. A personal over the top fear of mine, is tidal waves, or extreme weather as a whole. I have a had the same reoccurring nightmare most of my life. In the dream, I am swimming in the breakers of the ocean, as I love to do, when the current gets so strong I turn around and see the tidal wave coming.Then the wave pulls me into itself. I try and try to swim out of it but there is nothing I can do. So when imagining the world ending by tidal waves, it tends to stress me out a bit. I also found the meteorite bit, to be particularly terrifying, because that is something that could happen at any time. The comfort in that though, would be the swiftness and quickness of death. My final comment on the End Day, is the blackhole theory. It seems the most outlandish, but not totally unrealistic. I do hope and pray that the scientists and government officials of the world would never let something so ridiculous and preventable happen!

A few other things that I have looked into this week have been an article and a novel excerpt. In the article Apocalyptic SF, Mousoutzanis goes into detail about the history of science fiction. It was a shock to find out that some of the first disaster literature was created centuries ago in the 1760’s. This was surprising because I considered the apocalyptic genre to be modern and new, and a take on the changing world. The novel excerpt I chose was The Passage by Justin Cronin. I really liked the idea of maybe a fresh take on Doomsday in the book, it also seems like it might play around with other forms of science fiction rather then just apocalypse/post-apocalypse.



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  1. I hope you enjoy the passage — it’s one of my favorite books.

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