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Short Story Readings

I read a couple of different short stories this week, one being A Boy and His Dog and another The Defenders. I enjoyed both stories, but was far more impressed with The Defenders.

A Boy and His Dog, was interesting to stay the least. Based on the title alone, I though maybe the story would be about a teenage boy and his loyal dog. While I wasn’t wrong entirely, it was a lot darker than that. As I was reading, I loved the idea of a futuristic world, where dogs and people can communicate telepathically. On the other hand, I hated that fact that the dog, was hunting down women for the man to rape. Overall, it was a good story, with a lot of unforeseen twists and turns. I did not enjoy the ending; it was almost a let down. As in a, “all of that for nothing?” kind of way. I also never felt very much compassion to the main character Vic, which is something that typically makes a book or short story enjoyable to me.

Next, I began reading The Defenders. I could not believe how similar it was to A Boy and His Dog. In both stories, most or all of humanity has to live underground, due to wars devastating the earth. I always love a good plot twist, and thats exactly what you got with this short story! I enjoyed the ending of this story; it was happy and unexpected that their world would get turned from post-apocalyptic to almost pre-apocalyptic. If war ever ends our world, (which might not be such a crazy idea, this day in age) I hope we have some really nice robots to regrow it for us!

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